Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Moose Day!

Ola, Buckwheat and I (GiGi) took a no hike day. We kayaked this morning and had a bit of adventure when another kayaker had his kayak overturn. We were paddling to try to assist him, (don't know what we would have done)but then a motor boat came and fished him out of the lake and put his kayak on the boat. We decided to kayak into the channel and saw 2 moose at Point Park, right next to the channel. On the way back to the cabin we stopped and I got a couple of pretty good pics of the moose, nmaed Inspector Mooseau and Inspector Gadget. I think Buckwheat will have some better ones, but she forgot her card reader. We had a nice lunch at the golf course and then did some shopping. Tonight is "All Shook Up" at the theatre. The rest of my pics are here.