Wednesday, July 8, 2009

kayaking with the moose and the hike

We have seen a lot of moose this year. Monday night we saw a moose loose in the neighborhood (along with 2 deer). Tues am we had a great kayak, we got out of our boats and not a minute later Buckwheat and I heard Ola yell "there is moose swimming in the lake!" Sure nuff, he was swimming really close to where we had been kayaking! Way cool! If we had staying in another minute we would have been kayakin with the moose!
After kayaking for 1.5 hours we decided to go hiking. What started out as a nice hike turned into the hike from hell! We hiked first to Cascade Falls and had lunch, which was 3.5 miles in, the falls were beautiful. Then we hiked another 1.5 miles to Big Pool, it cooled down, clouded up and we thought we would have a great hike back, but somehow I fell down twice, BW fell once, and Ola got big blisters. We all got very tired and had nature calls. We did see 2 more moose though! See if you can find them in my pics. We were very glad to see the end of the trail and then we grilled steaks and had some wine to celebrate my benign results on my biopsy. The rest of our pics are here.