Saturday, May 23, 2009

Port Vendre sur la cote vermeille

Most of the pics are online here. The first few pics are from various flowers I took on one of our walks through the gardens of Chalabre. Then there are a few of the fete in Chalabre. It is a 4 day holiday celebrating the Ascension. Then we headed to the Cote Vermeille which you can read about here. We passed beautiful scenery of the mountains and grape fields on the way, also going through the Gorge of St George. We arrived at the Cote Vermeille and found a nice little sidewalk cafe where we had a lovely lunch. We drove up the coast a bit and I snapped a few more pics, stopped at a nice wine stand where I had to taste several varieties of local wine to find one dry enough for my liking!! We then had a nice drive back and stopped where I could take a nice pics of the old walled village of Carcossane which you can read about here.